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The Cruise On: August 23, 2019 At: CT GOLFLAND Time: 5:00 PM til dusk Is: ON!
***** The Tri-Town Cruzers, Inc. is a non-profit organization made up of people with a passion for preserving the history of antique, classic and custom cars and motorcycles, as well as raising money for local charities. *****
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*Golfland 5/24 trophies-Tyler Hull, Vernon; Ryan Winterberger, Tolland; Lee Eaton, Manchester
*Golfland 5/31 trophies-Bob Morin, Tolland; Tim Ahern, Coventry; Kent Moquin, S Windsor
*Golfland 6/14 trophies-Gene Hunt, Tolland; Frank Broga, Ludlow-MA; Rick Simon, Vernon
*Golfland 6/28 trophy-Bill Middlebrook,Vernon; Dave Gochee,Stafford Springs; Jeff Cahoon,S Windsor
*Golfland 6/7 trophies-Dave Carter, Vernon; John Myles, Hartford; Jim Russo, Manchester
*Golfland 7/12 trophies-Tony Insalaco, Tolland; John Locke, Manchester; Ramonda Elkey, Hartford
*Golfland 7/19 trophies-Gene McDonnell, S. Windham; Paul Gervais, Hartford; Lisa Maratta, Bolton
*Golfland 7/26 trophies-Michael Ahern, Coventry; Jim Nakos, Manchester; Dale Molnar, Hebron
*Golfland 7/5 trophies-Bill Brown, Tolland; Nick Maratta, Bolton; Sam Tindal, Coventry
*Golfland 8/16 trophies-Tom Miller, Coventry; Jonathan Dence, Ellington; Kevin Cormack, Newington
*Golfland 8/2 trophies-Arthur Goodale, Burlington; Alan Bellavance, Newington; Paul Close, Tolland
*Golfland 8/9 trophies-Michael Meyer,Coventry;Am Legion Post 133,S. Windsor;Geoff Haines, S. Windsor
*O'Reilly show 5/11 trophies-Paul Campbell,Manchester;Jean-Guy Couture,Manchester;Dick Adams,Tolland
*O'Reilly show 6/1 trophies-Bob Smith, Bristol; Jean Durocher, Manchester; Monty Prevost, Wethersfld
*O'Reilly show 7/13 trophies-Guy Monteforte,S.Windsor; Pete Tozier,Tolland; Bob Russell,S.Windsor
*O'Reilly show 8/10 trophies-Dave Carter,Vernon;Mike Elliott,Manchester;Sharon Reynolds,Manchester
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